CEO Luxury Boutique Italy

After a short military career and some law exams...

in Italy after studying tourism and hospitality, following his passion for art  and fashion, attended Istituto Marangoni in London and the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. Worked for three years at AICEP in the tourism office.

Events & Catering  - 

In 2002 she founded the "M. Do Carmo Events & Incentive House" 

In 2003 she opened  Do Carmo Catering & Banqueting and Chica Da Silva Restaurant (2003/2007).  With more  than  45 active clients, opened turnkey 7 restaurants 4 in Europe  and 3 in Brazil. 

 The Fashion World 

In 2006 at the invitation of the Chamber of Fashion in Milan start a project "Young Designers" Milan catwalks and SPFW presentation. In 2007 she was considered by the Italian and European Mídia "Emerging Designer" with an great international media coverage.

New Markets and New Partnerships

In 2009, the Do Carmo Catering & Banqueting, open in Brazil. Since 2010  Marcia Do Carmo  Fashion Consulting,  is based also in Brazil and has among its clients  leading names in fashion and high-profile tourism.

Collaborated with sites and online magazines in  fashion industry and

the global Luxury market. Glamurama, Vogue, São Paulo Fashion Week

A New Visionary Concept, Elegant and  Gritty



2015 a new show room in Milan and a new interactive platform with online sale and the restyling of The Milan Maison. A new visionary concept, elegant and gritty, focuses on the production of new projects to give its customers excellent service, best products  and  more and more flavors and emotions.


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